Angel lashes are perfect for those wanting a natural beauty look. Angel is designed with thin and thick fibers to resemble the way natural lashes vary in thickness. The thicker lashes in the center give the appearance of innocent angelic eyes. No one would be able to tell you're wearing false lashes, they'll just think angels really do exist!



  • Remove the lashes from the case gently by using the center of your thumb and rolling the lashes in a downwards motion. Do not pick up the lashes from the corners with your fingers as this will damage the delicate structure. Measure the lashes against your eye. If the lash is too long, cut from the outer corners for the most natural look. Hold each end of the lash and bend carefully to create a "C" shaped curvature. 

    For best results, apply a thin layer of True Glue Natural Lash Adhesive on to the lash band. Wait 30 seconds. Apply lashes as close to your natural lashes as possible.