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Click pdf file to read our complete reopening plan  

(Document reviewed and approved by AHS Health Inspector)

Please use our online booking system to make an appointment. Clients must read and agree to comply with our health and safety policies to book an appointment.


Our online booking ensures a minimum 15 minutes of cleaning time between appointments.

A COVID-19 screening questionnaire is sent to your email  24 hours before your appointment.

If you exhibit any symptoms, you will be asked to leave immediately.

To minimize interactions with other clients, please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.


Please wait outside or in your vehicle and text (587) 200-6388 when you have arrived. When we are ready, we will text you to come in.


Guests are not allowed. Please attend appointments unaccompanied.

Mask use is required due to the close proximity and long duration of our services. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with a complimentary brand-new procedural mask for you to wear throughout the duration of the service.


A sanitized bin is provided if you would like to put personal belongings in. Each client will be provided with a newly washed and heat sanitized blanket.

Hand sanitizers are placed at entrance, washroom and payment area

Your lash artist will wear a new face mask, face shield and protective garment during the entire appointment. We change into a new sets of personal protective equipment between clients. 


We wash and sanitize our hands immediately before and after the service. Single-use gloves are worn after applying under eye pads.

We accept contactless electronic payments including debit, credit and interac e-transfers. 

We use a wipe-twice method to sanitize surfaces. Surfaces are first cleaned with disinfecting wipes to remove soil then sprayed with an AHS approved disinfectant. Surfaces that are sanitized between each appointment include:


Service Room: Lash table, ring light, counters, payment reader, floor

Main Entrance: Doorknobs, floor, carpet, light switches, coat hanger

Washroom: Doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, faucet, counter, lash care products

We utilize single-use disposable products and disinfected steel tweezers (disinfection procedure approved by AHS). After disinfection, we use a 

 UV-C sterilizer on disinfected tweezers and other tools (lash palettes, lash extensions) to kill most viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi. 

Every product used during an appointment (ex. lash adhesive, lash cleanser, etc.) is wiped with disinfecting wipes after the service. 

We have temporarily relaxed our cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your appointment due to COVID-19 related reasons, we understand and will waive the cancellation fee.


Please still contact us at your earliest convenience if you need to cancel your appointment. 

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your concerns

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