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Lash Care: Welcome

• Use cold water to wash your face

• Avoid touching your lashes with your fingers 
• Do not wear eye makeup or use oily products around the eyes 
• No spray tanning/ hot yoga/ sauna/ steam room/ hot tub
• Take shorter/ colder shower to avoid steam 

• Sleep on your back and avoid squishing your lashes


• It is normal to lose up to 3 - 5 lash extensions per eye each day, which is why touch ups are recommended every 2 - 3 weeks
• Use oil-free products around your eyes (avoid creamy eye makeup, rich creams, and oily cleansers)
• Clean your lashes daily with 1 pump of the provided Cucumber Lash Wash for both eyes. 
Use provided cleansing brush or Makeup Removal Cloth. 


Watch video below on how to wash your lashes.


•  Sleep on your back or have your face slightly off pillow when sleeping on your side

• Brush your lashes 2-3 times a day with provided lash wand

• Do not use a mechanical lash curler on your extensions

• For great lash retention, do not wear eye makeup

• Do not perm or tint your eyelash extensions

• Avoid being close to extreme heat (camp fires, oven, smoking, steam)

• Resist the temptation to touch, rub, pick or tug your lashes

• Do not attempt to remove your lashes by yourself! Book a removal instead. If your lashes were done at Lash Cottage, a removal is complimentary.

• Dry your face and lashes with fiber-less cloth like bamboo. Use blotting motion.
• Do not brush your lashes while they're wet. Use a blow dryer on ‘cool setting’ to blow dry the lashes while separating them with lash wand.
• If you wish to have a full and great looking lashes every day, consider booking a that you get a touch up 2 - 3 weeks after the first application

• If you must wear eye makeup, avoid waterproof makeup, wax-based pencil liners and gel eyeliners as it's very difficult to remove and clean from your lashes
• Use liquid eyeliner or black eye shadow instead to line your eyes
• Remove eye makeup by using 1 pump of Cucumber Lash Wash on the Makeup Removal Cloth. Get close to the lash line and blink onto the cloth to clean under the lashes. 
• Remove makeup and clean lashes daily to improve lash retention

• Avoid using skin care products that contain oil
• Avoid eye makeup and foundations that contain oil, silicone, and wax (waterproof makeup typically contain these ingredients)


The following skin care products are safe to use with lash extensions:

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Makeup Cloth_LashExtensions.jpeg
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