True Glue All Natural Eyelash Adhesive is the first of its kind! It’s completely natural, actually beneficial for your skin and lashes, and it works! True Glue Original lash adhesive is for use with any type of false lashes and lasts all day until removed.


The first of its kind, True Glue’s All Natural Lash Adhesive is the most effective way to say "Bye bye to annoying allergic reactions". Instead, your eyes will dance with an alluring, healthy beauty. You can use True Glue’s adhesive with any kind of false lashes – making it perfect for any look you’re going for. Its staying power is impressive, too! It’ll keep your lashes on all day (but it’s easy to wash off).


All-natural. Formulated with premium natural ingredients. Never tested on animals.

All-Natural Lash Adhesive