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How a Lash Lift Can Make Your Life Easier

You might be thinking that getting a lash lift is the same as curling your lashes with a regular mechanical lash curler. Why get a lash lift when curling your lashes yourself (maybe) isn’t so bad? Let me tell you there’s a whole other 6 benefits why a lash lift is much better than using a lash curler!

1) A Lash Lift Makes Your Lashes Look Longer Than an Eyelash Curler

A comparison between how lashes look using a mechanical curler vs how it looks after a lash lift. The lash lifted lashes appear much longer than using a lash curler.
Lash Lift Vs Lash Curler

Have you ever struggled with using a lash curler? It can hurt when it pinches your skin! That’s because a lash curler isn’t designed to contour around all eye shapes and curl the very base of your natural lashes. If you try to clamp really close to the base, it’s probably going to hurt and pinch your eyelid skin! But with a lash lift, your lashes get curled right at the base and the whole process is painless!

2) You Can Layer Your Mascara Without Worry

My client told me about this tip! She loves wearing mascara to make her lashes look long and luscious. But what frustrated her was the more mascara she applied, the more her lash curl would drop. Her lashes would turn straight just a few hours in to her day. After getting a lash lift, she was amazed how her lashes stayed beautifully curled all day even with several coats of mascara!

3) No More Drying, Hard to Remove, Waterproof Mascara

Do you have natural stick-straight lashes? I do! It was a struggle because my lashes would only stay curled if I used waterproof mascara. Using regular formulations would make my lashes turn straight immediately. The problem with waterproof mascara is how difficult it can be to remove. I invested in waterproof makeup removers and it still took me a good rub and scrub to get all the waterproof mascara off!

This process, of course, took a toll on my lashes, sometimes I would even see a few lashes fall out! Intense rubbing also causes premature wrinkles. Not only that, but did you know most waterproof mascara having drying formulations with ingredients like alcohol and parabens which are drying for your lashes and harmful for your overall health. With a lash lift, you're not limited to only using waterproof mascara anymore! Your lash lift will stay curled using any formula.

Perfect pairing with a Lash Lift:

The Lash Liberation All Natural Mascara is made with nourishing oils and plant waxes. It's water-resistant, smells divine and keeps your lashes healthy!

4) Lashes are Curled 24/7 Even When They Get Wet! The Snow, Wind, and Sun Got Nothing on Your Lash Lift!

From the moment you wakeup, get through your day and go to bed. Your lashes will stay curled! A lash lift permanently alters the lash structure so it will stay curled until it grows out and falls off naturally.

Here’s an amazing review from my client and how her lash lift held up during her trip in Mexico.

5) A Lash Lift Can Create a Temporary Eyelid Lift

If you have uneven eyes, hooded eyes or droopy eyelids, a lash lift could create a temporary lift and make your eyes appear bigger. How does this work? A lash lift curls your lashes from the base and supports the eyelid skin by pushing it upwards.

6) Your Lashes Will Be Grow Stronger and Healthier

Imagine not having to curl your lashes with a lash curler for the next 6 – 8 weeks! Your lashes will thank you for skipping the crimping, squeezing, and heating (for those that heat your lash curler first!) which break the outer layers of lash hairs and make them appear thinner and weaker over time. A lash lift lasts 6 weeks for those with fast growing hair, nails and lashes. While it can last over 8 weeks for individuals with slower growth cycles.

Do you have any questions about the benefits of Keratin Lash Lift? Please Contact Us!

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