FINALLY – a clean, organic, and vegan mascara that actually works! Formulated with all-natural ingredients to ensure the good health of your natural lashes in the long run, while glamming up your makeup look. Ideal for imparting greater volume and length to your lashes. Formulated with all-natural ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin E, pomegranate extract, sea buckthorn, coconut oil and green tea for maximum moisturizing. A daily lash treatment and mascara all in one!


Also, you can safely use this mascara on your lash lift and before applying fake lashes. Waterproof and non-flaking. Try this natural mascara – and enjoy its light, skin-friendly texture.


100% vegan. Free of animal-derived ingredients. Never tested on animals.

Lash Liberation Natural Mascara

  • Take mascara wand and sweep your lashes from the base to the tips. Repeat for added volume. To remove mascara, apply warm water and lash-safe cleanser on to lashes.


    * For best lash health , use Endure Beauty Lash Wash to remove mascara. *