Eyelash Extension Services

To Prepare for Your Lash Appointment:
-Avoid caffeine/ stimulants
- Remove all eye makeup thoroughly
- Remove your contact lenses
- Dress for comfort
- Silence your cell phone
- You may bring your own music/ audiobooks + headphones
- If you are an individual that is more likely to experience an allergic reaction to eyelash extension adhesive, you may want to consider taking oral/ ophthalmic antihistamine medication before your appointment
- Please keep in mind that you will need to avoid getting your eye area wet 24 hours after the lash application, you may want to shower/wash your hair before your appointment

Patch Test


If it is your first time getting eyelash extensions or if you are an individual with sensitive eyes and skin, we highly recommend for you to get a patch test!

- This will take 15 minutes
- 3 - 5 extensions will be applied to each eye
- After 48 hours, if you exhibit no reactions or allergy symptons then we may proceed to your next lash service

Classic - Full Set


1 eyelash extension is applied to each natural lash

- Appointment will take 2.5 hours
- For those who prefer a natural look
- Available in mink, silk and flat lashes

Hybrid - Full Set


A combination of classic extensions and 2D/ 3D volume extensions.

- Appointment will take 3 hours
- For those who prefer a glamourous look
-Available in mink or silk


Classic - $40 Hybrid - $50

Fills are recommended every 2 - 4 weeks.

If you have less than 20 extensions PER eye, you will charged a full set. Please schedule fills ahead of time!
- Appointment will take 1 - 1.5 hours



Please do not try to remove your extensions by yourself! Following YouTube instructions such as using olive oil will definitely damage your natural lashes and will take hours!

Please don't risk it! Removals willl take 15 - 30 mins

Please give at least 24 hours of notice if you need to cancel your appointment.